Event Planning

Our trained staff is here to help you make your event memorable with our award-winning products.

Whether it’s an annual work party or a graduation celebration, our trained staff is here to help make your event memorable with our award-winning products. Don’t know what you’d like to serve? Our staff is here to offer quality suggestions all while considering popularity, preparation time, and your budget.

Here at Maplewood Meats we can simplify the food planning of the event by providing essential information about how much you will need to serve your party whether it’s men, women, and/or children. We recommend reaching us by telephone or email at least one week prior to your event. This will help us ensure we can have your product properly packaged and ready to be picked up when you decide to stop in our retail store.

In additon, we offer a premium selection of party and snack trays made fresh to order with our award-winning sausages and locally made Wisconsin Cheeses. Our party and snack trays are available in a variety of sizes customized to accommodate your event. We ask that if you wish to order a tray, please do so at least one day in advance. An order can be placed online via our products page, telephone, or email.

Party Trays   view all
8″………less than 10 people
12″………10 – 15 people
14″………20 – 30 people
18″………30 – 35 people

Snack Trays   view all
10″………10 – 15 people
12″………20 – 30 people

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