Wild Game Processing

Wild Game Processing Info/Pricing Sheet

We turn trophy bucks into trophy sausage

We’re proud to be able to serve our customers year round with their wild-game processing needs. We offer wild game processing services locally here in Wisconsin and accept wild game harvested throughout the United States.  We accept antelope, whitetail deer, bear, moose, elk, caribou, goose, duck, pheasant, wild turkey and wild boar.  A full list of our wild game products and current prices can be viewed on our Wild Game Processing Info/Pricing Sheet. In order to maintain the processing of consistent, high quality products, we only accept fresh, or fresh-frozen, boneless, trimmed and cleaned, wild game. Please call us 920.865.7901 for more information and to place your order.

Items to Note
Upon acceptance of your wild game, our employees are trained to inspect your wild game for freshness and cleanliness. Wild game must be cleaned properly and free of hair, dirt, or any physical contaminants.  All wild game must be in clear food grade bags or containers.  Frozen trim will be accepted dating back one prior season and trim must be free of freezer burn.  If your wild game does not meet our inspection requirements, we will inform you of this at that time or via telephone. Wild game that is not cleaned or trimmed properly is subject to a $50 cleaning charge which you will be notified of at the time of the finding.  If you’re bringing in venison for processing, you will be asked if your venison is being tested for Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD). If your venison is being tested, your negative test results must be submitted to our facility before any processing will take place. While there has been no evidence of CWD being contracted to Humans, we will not process any venison product that has tested positive for CWD.

When bringing in your wild game, please make sure to have either your Customer Identification Number, your animals tag number, or confirmation number.   All venison is tagged with your name and date to allow tracking of the meat that is currently awaiting CWD test results. We offer a variety of fresh and smoked sausages each requiring 10 pound minimum of boneless trim per product. Our wild game sausages are complimented with fresh beef, pork, and premium spice blends.

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