Custom Smoking

Maplewood Meats offers custom smoking for a variety of products including: wild turkeys, pheasants, and venison legs.  All non-inspected products will be processed in the absence of the Wisconsin State Inspection Mark and will be labeled as “Not For Sale”. Please call us 920.865.7901 for more information regarding requirements and pricing.

Turkey & Pheasant
Additionally, we accept wild turkeys and pheasants, either bone-in or boneless, that will be cured and smoked. Boneless turkeys and pheasants have the option to be sliced and vacuum sealed in 1 pound packages. Bone-in turkeys have the option to be kept whole or split in half and then vacuum sealed. If you would like to have your bone-in turkey sliced and packaged it must be brought in boneless.

We also accept boneless venison legs that will be cured and smoked. Venison legs have the option of being sliced and vacuumed sealed in one pound packages.

Effective 9/24/2018 Maplewood Meats will no longer accept non inspected hams, bacons, and pork trimmings to be processed.  We will also no longer accept inspected hams, bacons, and pork trimmings that are harvested outside of our facility. For any questions regarding the new policy please contact us at 920.865.7901.

Custom Processing Announcement 9/13/2018


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