Maplewood Packing Inc., more popularly know as Maplewood Meats, was established in 1983 by the Van Hemelryk family in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  Roger Van Hemelryk had worked for Armour Meats & Company in Green Bay until it closed down in 1980.  Shortly after, the Van Hemelryk family witnessed the surrounding community in need of a quality custom processing service for local farmers. With a vision in their minds to create a truly high quality custom processing service they decided to open a small facility just west of Green Bay.  With Roger’s knowledge of the meat packing industry, and Pat’s family background (her father was a local butcher), it seemed as though a natural choice. Maplewood Meats began by offering custom fabrication processing of beef and pork.  With the aid of Roger’s daughter Lisa, son Dave and his wife Vicki the company added a retail case to offer fresh cuts to walk-in customers.

By word of mouth the company’s efforts to craft quality meats and provide unique customer service spread throughout the community.  The original facility was 3,400 square feet with one ten foot retail case.  After four additions, the building has increased to 35,000 square feet, with over 85 feet of full service case, as well as a large self-service convenience cooler & freezer area. In addition to fresh cuts of beef, pork, and poultry, a complete line of award-winning cured meats and sausages are available. Every ham, bacon, and fresh or smoked sausage is made right here the old fashioned way using timeless techniques. Products are made from high quality fresh cuts of meat and fresh spice blends. Maplewood Meats provides year round wild game processing for hunters around the country by crafting a variety of wild game sausages.  The company has stayed true to its roots by offering custom processing, smoking of hams and bacon, and sausage-making to the local beef and pork producers.  Maplewood Meat’s slogan continues to be “Let us serve you the old fashioned way”, where quality and service are #1.

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